Sunday, September 27, 2009

what i learnt from u..

haa..its been a while tp this 1 not about raye..
tp sumtim else..keep readin'.. *post ni bkn nk kenakan sape2..

ok, 1st, i want to thank her(klo dia bce, dia tau laa sape)..
u taught me alot...
even we were nothing yet, but a centi from that kind of relation,
u may never remember but i did..
coz i have all ur sms from da beginning..

they said that once we love sumtim too much, that sumtim will be taken from us..
it may true...or not...i think its true..

1. i shouldnt be too(over) nice to people.
2. just simply take gurlz easy, i mean in early stage.
3. n me, never understand others
4. never lie to myself.
5. dont believe distant relationship.
6. dont pursue someone too much.

act, theres a lot..i just cant remember by this tyme...
nnt laa update...
so, thats leave that.

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